How Adsgrow Works
1. Increase your BAPs:
Adsgrow gives you tow ways to increas your BAPs, eather by collecting Free daily bonus ad points or buy buying ads, for making good and fast earnings, but it is better to increase your BAPs by buying ads (when you buy ads you get 3080 BAP), this can boost you to reach highter groups which will let you receive more daily earnings. you can also get the free daily bonus ad points (you will receive 240 free daily bonus ad points).
1$ = 3180 BAP
2. Click on your Daily Paid Ads:
You will receive daily paid ads once you have 1600 BAP and more,you may have up to 210$ per 25 seconds you spend in viewing paid ads and that depends in what group you are we have 15 group (from group 1 to group 15), users in group 15 are the most paid users. so to increase your incomes you need to climb in groups. the only way to climb in groups is to increase your BAPs.
3. Withdraw Your Earnings:
Cashout is 30% from your total earnings once you reach 5$ in your Cashout Balance you will be able to make a cashout, you will receive your cashout in 15 minuts up to 12 hour as maximum. you can withdraw your Cashout at any time you want.
4. Reinvest Your Earnings:
Reinvest is 70% from your total earnings you can buy ads only with balance and Reinvest
5. Earnings:
Earning its not a balance is just statistic you cannot buy or invest with earning. Earnings=70% Reinvest + 30% Cashout
6. Games:
With Flip coin you can get 200% Bap Guess heads or tails to win instantly Enter your bet and then click heads or tails
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